SOPATER (sō'pa-têr, Gr. Sōpatros). Son of Pyrrhus who accompanied the apostle Paul on his last journey from Corinth to Jerusalem (Acts.20.4). He was a Christian from the church at Berea and is the same as Sosipater who joined with Timothy, Lucius, and Jason in sending greetings to the church at Rome (Rom.16.21).

SOPATER sō’ pə tər (Σώπατρος, G5396), son of Pyrrhus. A Beroean of Macedonia who accompanied Paul from Greece (Acts 20:4) when he conveyed the offering from the provinces to the needy in Jerusalem. A variant of Sosipater, the name could refer to the same man (Rom 16:21).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

so’-pa-ter, sop’-a-ter (Sopatros): the Revised Version (British and American) the son of Pyrrhus; the King James Version omits. A man of Berea who is mentioned with some Thessalonians and others as accompanying Paul as far as Asia on his return to Jerusalem after his 3rd missionary journey (Ac 20:4). He is probably the same as the "Sosipater" of Ro 16:21.