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SOP (Gr. psōmion, a morsel of bread). The word is used in the KJV and describes a thin wafer used to dip food from a common platter (John.13.26). Using the sop had long been common among the Hebrews (Ruth.2.14; Prov.17.1).

SOP (ψωμίον, G6040). A thin, wafer-like morsel of bread dipped into the common dish as a kind of improvised spoon (John 13:26 KJV, ASV; RSV MORSEL). Knives and forks were unknown at table; therefore the more liquid parts of a meal were secured by dipping a morsel of bread into them.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A thin, wafer-like piece of bread dipped into the common dish as a sort of improvised spoon, is thus designated in Joh 13:26 ff.

See Morsel.