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Solomon’s Pools

SOLOMON’S POOLS. Three in number, these were located a short distance from Jerusalem and were fed by two chief sources—surface water and springs. Cleverly engineered aqueducts carried water from the desired spring to the pools. From these pools the water was conveyed by the same means to the wells under the temple area (Eccl.2.6).

In the summer of a.d. 1962, Solomon’s Pools were again in the news, when a severe drought made necessary an emergency pipeline from a big new well at Hebron, to alleviate Jerusalem’s water shortage. The eighteen miles (thirty km.) of pipe, furnished by the United States Agency for International Development, was laid within days; and the water was pumped into the ancient reservoirs, Solomon’s Pools, eight miles (thirteen km.) south of Jerusalem. See Time magazine, August 17, 1962.