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SODOMY (sŏd'ŭm-ĕ, Heb. qādhēsh, a male temple prostitute). A sodomite was one who practiced that unnatural vice for which Sodom became noted (Gen.19.5). Though not named as such it is referred to in Rom.1.27. God strictly forbade this practice (Deut.23.17). Usually the practice was in connection with heathen worship, and its presence was a sign of departure from the Lord (1Kgs.14.24). Both Asa (1Kgs.15.12) and Jehoshaphat took measures against this sin (1Kgs.22.46), but its practice continued, until in the days of Josiah it was being practiced in the Lord’s house (2Kgs.23.7).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)


See Sodom; Sodomite; CRIMES; PUNISHMENTS.

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