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2. The fire of God’s anger also is accompanied by “smoke...out of his nostrils” (Ps 18:8; cf. Job 41:20). Moses warned against idolatry lest “the anger of the Lord...smoke against that man” (Deut 29:20). The psalmist cried out, “Why does thy anger smoke against the sheep of thy pasture?” (Ps 74:1).

3. The smoke of the sacrifices and incense is mentioned in Ezekiel 8:11 and Psalm 66:15. John saw the smoke of incense rising “with the prayers of the saints” (Rev 8:4).

4. Smoke also symbolizes the transient: enemies (Pss 37:20; 68:2), idolaters (Hos 13:3), days (Ps 102:3), and the heavens (Isa 51:6). See Incense.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

smok: Used figuratively of the divine jealousy (De 29:20) and anger (Ps 74:1); symbolic of the glory of the divine holiness (Isa 4:5; 6:4; Re 15:8).