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SKY (Heb. shahaq, vapor). A word found only in the plural in the Bible (Ps.18.11; Isa.45.8). The word refers sometimes to the clouds and other times to the firmament. At least once it is used figuratively (Deut.33.26).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(shachaq, "fine dust" or "cloud," apparently from [?] shachaq, "to rub," "to pulverize"; Samaritan: shechaqayyah instead of Hebrew shamayim; sachq = "cloud," "small dust"):

1. In the Old Testament:

2. In the New Ttestament:

In the New Testament ouranos, is translated "heaven" (the King James Version "sky") in connection with the weather in Mt 16:2,3; Lu 12:56. In Heb 11:12 we find "the stars of heaven" ("the sky") as a figure of multitude. The conception, however, that the visible "sky" is but the dome-like floor of a higher world often makes it hard to tell whether "heaven" in certain passages may or may not be identified with the sky.

See Heaven; Cosmogony.