SITNAH (sĭt'na, Heb. sitnâh, hostility). The name given to the second well dug by Isaac (Gen.26.21), suggesting a contest between the Israelites and the people of Gerar.

SITNAH sĭt’ nə (שִׂטְנָֽה, contention). The name of the second well dug by the servants of Isaac in the vicinity of Gerar (Gen 26:21). The name reflects the conflict which ensued when the herdsmen of Gerar disputed with Isaac’s herdsmen concerning the water rights. Although the exact location is uncertain, it was in the vicinity of Rehoboth (Gen 26:22).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

The name of the second of the two wells dug by the herdsmen of Isaac, the cause of further "enmity" with the herdsmen of Gerer (Ge 26:21, margin "That is, Enmity"). The site is unknown, but Palmer (PEFS, 1871) finds an echo of the name in Shutnet er Rucheibeh, the name of a small valley near Rucheibeh.

See Rehoboth.