SISMAI, SISAMAI (sĭs'mī, sĭs'a-mī, Heb. sismay). A son of Eleasah from the tribe of Judah. One who descended from Sheshan’s daughter (1Chr.2.40).

SISMAI sĭs’ mī (סִסְמַ֖י). A Judahite of the family of Zezron and the house of Jerahmeel (1 Chron 2:40; KJV Sisamai).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A Judahite, of the descendants of the daughter of Sheshan and Jarha, his Egyptian servant (1Ch 2:40). Commentators have compared the name to tstsm, a Phoenician god (compare Rudolph Kittel, Commentary at the place; BDB, under the word).