SIPHMOTH (sĭf'mŏth, Heb. siphmôth). A place in the southern part of Judah to which David often came (1Sam.30.28). The site has not been positively identified.

SIPHMOTH sĭf’ mŏth (שִֽׂפְמֹ֖ות). One of the cities of Judah with which David shared the spoils of Ziklag (1 Sam 30:28). It was visited by David during the time in which he was a fugitive from King Saul. Its identification is uncertain.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

sif’-moth, sif’-moth (siphmoth (Ginsburg), shiphamoth (Baer); Saphei): One of the cities to which David sent presents from Ziklag (1Sa 30:28). It occurs between Aroer and Eshtemoa, so it must have been somewhere in Southern Judah. The site has not been recovered. Zabdi the Shiphmite (1Ch 27:27) may quite probably have been a native of this place.