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SION sī’ un (שִׂיאֹ֖ן ; Σηών, lofty). 1. One of several designations of Mt. Hermon (Deut 4:48 KJV).

2. KJV for Zion (Ps 65:1).

3. The Gr. form of the Heb. Zion in the NT.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(si’on; Seon):

(1) A name given to Mt. Hermon in De 4:48. The name may mean "protuberance" or "peak," and may have denoted the lofty snow-covered horn of the mountain as seen from the South. It may, however, be a scribal error for Sirion, the name by which the mountain was known to the Zidonians. Syriac takes it in this sense, which, however, may be a correction of the Hebrew. It is possible that this name, like Senir, may have applied to some distinct part of the Hermon Range.

(2) Mt. Sion.

See Zion.