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Simon Patrick

1626-1707. Bishop of Ely. Educated at Cambridge, he was influenced by John Smith, the Cambridge Platonist.* He was ordained a Presbyterian minister in 1648, but in 1654 was episcopally ordained in private. From 1662 he was vicar of St. Paul's, Covent Garden, remaining throughout the Plague. In 1687 he opposed James II's Declaration of Indulgence,* and took the oath of allegiance to William and Mary in 1689, when he was appointed bishop of Chichester. His translation to Ely came two years later. Patrick founded schools in London, helped found the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, and supported the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel. His voluminous writings include an allegory, The Parable of the Pilgrim; commentaries on the OT up to the Song of Solomon; devotional works; and polemical works against Roman Catholics and Nonconformists.