SIEVE (sĭv, Heb. kevārâh, netted, nāphâh, a sieve). A utensil used by the eastern people to sift grains. Some of the Egyptian sieves were made of strings or reeds. Those constructed of string were used for finer work whereas those made from reeds were used for sifting coarser material. The word is used in the Bible in a figurative sense in both passages where it occurs (Isa.30.28; Amos.9.9).

SIEVE (נָפָה, H5864, כְּבָרָה, H3895). A utensil used by eastern people to sift grains. The utensils were made either of strings or reeds. The words are found in Isaiah 30:28 and Amos 9:9, where they refer to a day when God will judge the nations and Israel.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)


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