Sibmah and Sebam

SIBMAH and SEBAM SIBMAH sĭb’ mə and SEBAM sĕ bäm (־שִׂבְמָ֑ה, and שְׂבָ֥ם, meaning unknown). One of the chief towns in the plains of Moab near Heshbon. A comparison between the geographic lists of Numbers 32:3 (KJV reads SHEBAM), Numbers 32:34-38 (KJV reads SHIBMAH), and Joshua 13:16-20 indicates that Sebam and Sibmah are identical. The site was allotted to Reuben, but fell back into Moabite hands. Prophetic references call attention to Sibmah’s vineyards (Isa 16:8, 9 and Jer 48:32).

Jerome placed Sebam within 500 paces of Heshbon. Recent suggestions for the site are Khirbet Sumiye on Wady Hesban five m. WNW of Hesban (i.e. Biblical Heshbon) and Khirbet Qarn el-Qibsh c. three m. WSW of Hesban.