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SIBBECAI, SIBBECHAI (sĭb'ē-kī, sĭb'ē-kī, Heb. sibbekhay). A captain of several thousand men in David’s army. He is usually designated as “the Hushathite” (2Sam.21.18; 1Chr.11.29; 1Chr.20.4; 1Chr.27.11). He found a place among the mighty men of David chiefly for his victory over the Philistine Saph (2Sam.21.18).

SIBBECAI sĭb’ ə kī (סִבְּכַי, meaning Yah intervenes. KJV SIBBECHAI). A personal name. A mighty warrior of David’s time from the town of Hushah who slew the giant Saph during a battle with the Philistines at Gob (2 Sam 21:18; cf. 1 Chron 20:4). He was among David’s “thirty” mighty men who apparently were renowned for great individual feats in battles (1 Chron 11:29; cf. 2 Sam 23:27 where Mebunnai the Hushathite may be understood as a corruption of the original Sibbecai—the similarity in the writing of these two names is evident not from the Eng., but from the Heb. script).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

sib’-e-ki, sib-e-ka’-i (cibbekhay): One of the valiant men in David’s army (2Sa 21:18; 1Ch 11:29; 20:4; 27:11).