SHUTHELAH, SHUTHELAHITE (shū-thē'la, shū-thē'la-hīt, Heb. shūthalhî)

One of the three sons of Ephraim (Num.26.35-Num.26.36). His descendants are called “Shuthelahites” and are named in 1Chr.7.20-1Chr.7.21.The sixth person descending from Shuthelah is also called by his name. 1Chr.7.21 mentions his father as Zabad and reveals that he is the father of Ezer and Elead.

SHUTHELAH shōō’ thə lə (שׁוּתֶ֗לַח). A personal name in Ephraimitic genealogical lists. 1. A son of Ephraim, the father of the family of the Shuthelahites (Num 26:35, 36; KJV, SHUTHALHITES; also 1 Chron 7:20).

2. A son of Zaba of the Ephraimitic line (1 Chron 7:21).

These recensions of the genealogical lists give evidence of having undergone some changes during the course of transmission. In Numbers 26:35-37, “Shuthelah” is the father of Eran; in 1 Chronicles 7:20, 21 he is named as the father of Bered. It is possible that the second occurrence of Shuthelah in 1 Chronicles (v. 21) is a repetition from v. 20. However, the immediate re-use of a name in a family line need not be limited to modern families. It is also of interest that the LXX has inserted “Shuthelah” and his son Edem into Genesis 46:20b.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

shoo-the’-la, shoo’-the-la, shoo-the’-la-hits, shoo’-the-la-hits (shuthalchi): A son of Ephraim (Nu 26:35,36; compare 1Ch 7:20,21), and his descendants.

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