SHUNAMMITE (shū'năm-īt, Heb. shûnammîth, a native of Shunem)

An unnamed woman whose son the prophet Elisha raised from the dead (2Kgs.4.12). This woman had made her home available to the prophet when he was in that area. Later God used Elisha to save her from death during a famine (2Kgs.8.1-2Kgs.8.6).This word is applied also to David’s nurse Abishag (1Kgs.1.3; 1Kgs.2.17-1Kgs.2.22).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

Applied to natives of Shunem.

(1) Abishag, who was brought to minister to the aged king David, love for whom led Adonijah to his doom (1Ki 1:3,15; 2:17, etc.).

(2) The woman, name unknown, whose son Elisha raised from the dead (2Ki 4:12, etc.). Later when apparently she had become a widow, after seven years’ absence on account of famine, in the land of the Philistines, she returned to find her property in the hands of others. Elisha’s intervention secured its restoration (2Ki 8:1-6).

(3) The Shulammite (So 6:13). In this name there is the exchange of "l" for "n" which is common.

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