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SHUAH shū’ ə. 1. שֽׁוּחַ; bow down or sink down. A son of Keturah, whom Abraham married after the death of Sarah. Also a brother of Zimron, Jokshan, Medan, Midian, and Ishbak (Gen 25:2, 1 Chron 1:32).

2. שׁוּחָ֖ה, a pit. Shuah, a descendant of Judah and a brother of Chelub (1 Chron 4:11 KJV; RSV SHUHAH).

3. שׁ֑וּעַ, wealth or prosperity. A Canaanite whose daughter was taken in marriage by Judah after he and his brothers had sold Joseph to a slave trader (Gen 38:2, 12). The mother of Judah’s three sons is referred to as Bathshua (the daughter of Shua; 1 Chron 2:3).

4. שׁוּעָ֥א, wealthy. An Asherite, the daughter of Heber, and the sister of Japhlet, Shomer and Hotham (7:32).

Article 2

SHUAH (shū'ah, Heb. shûah, depression). 1. A son of Abraham by Keturah (Gen.25.2; 1Chr.1.32).

2. See Shua.

3. Kelub’s brother (1Chr.4.11 kjv; niv “Shuhah”). Some MSS read “son of.” This name is another form of “Caleb” and is doubtless used to distinguish him from Caleb, the son of Hezron, and from Caleb, the son of Jephunneh.

Article 3


(1) (shua` "prosperity"): A Canaanite whose daughter Judah took to wife (Ge 38:2,12; 1Ch 2:3).


(2) (shu`-a’, "prosperity"): Daughter of Heber, an Asherite (1Ch 7:32).

(3) (shuach, "depression"): A son of Keturah by Abraham (Ge 25:2; 1Ch 1:32), and his posterity.


(4) A brother of Caleb (1Ch 4:11).


Article 4

Prostration; a pit.

One of Abraham’s sons by Keturah (Gen. 25:2; Chr. 1:32).

1 Chr. 4:11.

Article 5


Son of Abraham by Keturah. (Genesis 25:2; 1 Chronicles 1:32).) (B.C. before 1820.)

Properly Shuchah brother of Chelub. (1 Chronicles 4:11)

The father of Judah’s wife, (Genesis 38:2,12) called also Shua in the Authorized Version. (B.C. before 1725.)

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