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SHORE. The land where it meets the sea, represented by five words in Scripture—three Hebrew and two Greek:

1. Hôph, that which is washed by the sea (Judg.5.17; Jer.47.7).

2. Qātseh, the end or extremity (Josh.15.2), referring to the Dead Sea.

3. Sāphâh, the lip or edge (Gen.22.17), the sand that is on the seashore.

4. Cheilos, the same idea as no. 3 (Heb.11.12).

5. Aigialos, the beach. In the ministry of our Lord in Galilee, the multitude stood on the shore and Jesus sat in a boat so that all could see and hear without crowding him (Matt.13.2). After his resurrection, Jesus stood on the shore while the disciples were fruitlessly fishing to hide their sorrow and perplexity (John.21.4). In Acts.27.39 (kjv) the bank of a wide creek is called a shore.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)


(1) choph, always of the Mediterranean, variously translated "haven," "beach," "shore," "sea-shore," "coast," "sea coast" (Ge 49:13; De 1:7; Jos 9:1; Jud 5:17; Jer 47:7; Eze 25:16).

(3) qatseh, literally, "end," "extremity," the uttermost part (the King James Version "shore") of the Salt Sea (Jos 15:2); qetsh ha-’arets, "the end of the earth" (Ps 46:9); compare Arabic ’aqaci-l-’ard, "the uttermost parts of the earth."

(4) cheilos, literally, "lip," "as the sand which is by the seashore" (Heb 11:12).

(5) aigialos, the beach (the King James Version "shore") of the Sea of Galilee (Mt 13:2,48; Joh 21:4); of the Mediterranean (Ac 21:5; 27:39,40).

(6) asson parelegonto ten Kreten, doubtful reading, "sailed along Crete, close in shore" (the King James Version "sailed along by Crete") (Ac 27:13).

See Coast; Haven; SAND.

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