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SHOBI (shō'bī, Heb. shōvî). A prince of the Ammonites, son of Nahash and probably brother of Hanun (2Sam.17.27).

SHOBI shō’ bī (שֹׁבִ֨י; LXX, Ουεσβεί). The son of Nahash from Rabbah, an Ammonite. Shobi and two companions, Machir from Lodebar and Barzillai from Rogelim, brought provisions to David and his men as they fled from Absalom and his supporters (2 Sam 17:27-29). When Absalom’s leaders rejected the counsel of Ahithophel and followed that of Hushai, David and his followers succeeded in escaping an immediate conflict with Absalom and in making camp at Mahanaim, they received aid from Shobi. The provisions of food supplies brought by Shobi and his associates were sufficient to meet David’s needs while he rested and prepared for his next move.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

One of those who remained faithful to David during the rebellion of Absalom (2Sa 17:27).