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SHOBACH (shō'bak, Heb. shôvakh). The general of the Syrian army under Hadadezer king of Zobah. He was defeated by David (2Sam.10.16-2Sam.10.18). In 1Chr.19.16 the name is given as “Shophach.”

SHOBACH shō’ băk (שׁוֹבַ֛כְ; LXX, Σωβάκ). A general of the Syrian forces under Hadadezer.

Shobach was the commander of the Syrian forces in a battle against David at Helam. The attack was a Syrian attempt to reverse two previous defeats at the hands of Israel. The Syrian forces of Hadadezer had been defeated at Rehob and Zobah. Again when Israel was engaged in conflict with the Ammonites, the latter sought the Syrians as allies. Joab sent his brother, Abishai, against the Ammonites while he met the Syrians. Joab was victorious and the Syrians, bitter from defeat, sent for their forces beyond the Euphrates and under Shobach attacked David, at Helam. David’s men wounded Shobach so that he died and the Syrians fled (2 Sam 10:16, 18). In a similar account (1 Chron 19:16, 18) Shobach is called Shophach.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

Captain of the Syrian host (2Sa 10:16,18); but "Shophach" (shophakh) in 1Ch 19:16,18.

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