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SHOA (shō'a, Heb. shōa‘, rich). Although written in the English versions as though a country or province, it is probably (with Pekod and Koa) to be taken as a description of Israel’s great enemy, the Chaldeans (Ezek.23.23).

SHOA shō’ ə (שׁוֹעַ, H8778). A people mentioned in Ezekiel 23:23, along with the Babylonians, Chaldeans, and Assyrians, as one of many who would rise against Judah. They have not been identified with certainty, but are prob. the Sutu, a nomadic people who for a time lived E of the Tigris and also in the Syrian desert. They were often at war with the Assyrians, but were never completely conquered.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A people named in Eze 23:23 in association with Babylonians, Chaldeans and Assyrians. Schrader identifies with the Sutu of the inscriptions (East of the Tigris).