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SHION (shī'ŏn, Heb. shî’ôn, overturning). A town in Issachar, perhaps about three miles (five km.) NW of Mount Tabor (Josh.19.19; kjv Shihon).

SHION shī’ ən (שִׁיאֹ֖ן). A border town of Issachar (Josh 19:19; KJV SHIHON). Among places that have been suggested as the site, the most widely-accepted is ’Ayun esh-Sha’in, c. three m. E of Nazareth. Another place suggested is Sirin, c. fourteen m. SE of Mount Tabor.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A town in the territory of Issachar, named with Shunem, Hapharaim and Anaharath (Jos 19:19). It is possibly identical with Khirbet Sha’in, near `Ain esh-Sha’in, circa 4 miles Northwest of Mt. Tabor.