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SHIMEAH (shĭm'ē-a, Heb. shim‘ā’). 1. A brother of David (2Sam.13.3).

2. A son of Mikloth a Benjamite (1Chr.8.32) who lived at Jerusalem. In 1Chr.9.38 his name is Shimeam.

Article 2

A descendant of Jehiel, the "father" of Gibeon (1Ch 8:32); in 1Ch 9:38 he is called "Shimeam" (Codex Vaticanus, Codex Sinaiticus, Lucian; Samaa Codex Alexandrinus Sama; see Jewish Quarterly Review, XI, 110-13, section symbol section symbol 10-12).

Article 3

One of David’s brothers (2 Sam. 13:3); same as Shimea (4).

A Benjamite, a descendant of Gibeon (1 Chr. 8:32); called also Shimeam (9:38).

Article 4

Brother of David, and father of Jonathan and Jonadab, (2 Samuel 21:21) called also Shammah, Shimea, and Shimma. (B.C. about 1060.)

A descendant of Jehiel, the father or founder of Gibeon. (1 Chronicles 8:32) (B.C. perhaps 536.)