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SHIMEA (shĭm'ē-a, Heb. shim‘ā’)

1. A brother of David whose son killed a giant of Gath (1Chr.20.7).

2. A son of David and Bathshua (Bathsheba), born in Jerusalem (1Chr.3.5 jb, kjv, mlb, mof, nasb, neb, rsv; Shammua niv).

3. A Merarite Levite (1Chr.6.30).

4. A Gershonite Levite, grandfather of the Asaph who stood with Heman in the service of sacred song under David (1Chr.6.39).

No. 1 is probably the same as Shimma (1Chr.2.13 kjv), Shammah (1Sam.16.9), Shimeah (2Sam.21.21), and Shimei (2Sam.21.21). The name is spelled three ways in Hebrew, five ways in English.

SHIMEAH (shĭm'ē-a, Heb. shim‘ā’)

A brother of David (2Sam.13.3).A son of Mikloth a Benjamite (1Chr.8.32) who lived at Jerusalem. In 1Chr.9.38 his name is Shimeam.

2. A son of David (1 Chron 3:5), who is also called SHAMMUA (shăm’ ū e, שַׁמּ֣וּעַ) in 2 Samuel 5:14 and 1 Chronicles 14:4. He was born in Jerusalem, but by which of David’s wives or concubines is not stated.

3. A Levite descended from the family of Merari (1 Chron 6:30) who was named by David to a place of responsibility in the Temple choir.

4. A Levite descended from Gershom, also a member of this choir (1 Chron 6:39).

5. A man of Benjamin, descended from Jeiel and Gibeon, in the line of Saul (1 Chron 8:29-34).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)


See Shammua and SHAMMAH.

(1) Brother of David.

See Shammah.

(2) Son of David (1Ch 3:5, Codex Vaticanus Saman; but in 2Sa 5:14; 1Ch 14:4, "Shammua").

(3) A Merarite Levite (1Ch 6:30, Codex Vaticanus Somea; Codex Alexandrinus Sama, Lucian, Samaa).

(4) A Gershonite Levite (1Ch 6:39 (24), Semaa).

A descendant of Jehiel, the "father" of Gibeon (1Ch 8:32); in 1Ch 9:38 he is called "Shimeam" (Codex Vaticanus, Codex Sinaiticus, Lucian; Samaa Codex Alexandrinus Sama; see Jewish Quarterly Review, XI, 110-13, section symbol section symbol 10-12).