SHILHIM (shĭl'hîm, Heb. shilhîm). A town in southern Judah in Joshua’s time (Josh.15.32).

SHILHIM shĭl’ hĭm (שִׁלְחִ֖ים). A city assigned to Judah as a part of its territorial possession in Canaan (Josh 15:32). Sharuhen (19:6) and Shaaraim (1 Chron 4:31) are most prob. identical. The difference in spelling between Shilhim and Sharuhen may be explained linguistically as the interchange of “l” and “r,” observable in certain Sem. languages. See Sharuhen.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

shilchim (Jos 15:32)): See Shaaraim, (2). Possibly Azubah the mother of Jehoshaphat, who is called "the daughter of Shilhi" (1Ki 22:42; 2Ch 20:31), was a native of Shilhim.