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SHEVA (shē'va, Heb. shewā’)

David’s scribe or secretary (2Sam.20.25), perhaps the same as “Seraiah” in 2Sam.8.17.A son of Caleb (probably not the famous spy) by his concubine Maacah (1Chr.2.49).

SHEVA she’ və (שֵׁיָא or שְׁוָ֖א). 1. The royal secretary in David’s administration (2 Sam 20:25), who served both as the king’s private secretary and secretary of state. He was responsible for correspondence, drafting, custody of documents and chronicling events. The same individual appears to be referred to by several names: Seraiah (2 Sam 8:17); Shisha (1 Kings 4:3); and Shavsha (1 Chron 18:16). The passages in the LXX also vary greatly. R. de Vaux suggests the office was a miniature copy of that existing in Egypt, and some scholars further suggest that David imported Egyp. personnel to fill state offices.

2. A son of Maacah, Caleb’s concubine (1 Chron 2:49), and progenitor of Gibea.


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International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(shewa’; Codex Vaticanus Saou; Codex Alexandrinus Saoul, Lucian, Soue):

(1) A son of Caleb by his concubine Maacah (1Ch 2:49).

(2) See Shavsha.