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SHESHAI (shē’shī, Heb. shēshay). One of the sons of Anak, giants whom the spies feared (Num.13.22) but whom Caleb drove out (Josh.15.14) and Judah destroyed (Judg.1.10).

SHESHAI she’ shī (שֵׁשַׁ֣י). A son of Anak, who lived in Hebron when the Israelites spied out the land (Num 13:22; Josh 15:14; Judg 1:10). He was defeated and driven out of Hebron by the invading Israelites.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

One of the sons of Anak, perhaps an old Hebronite clan name. (Sayce combines the name with Sasu, the root sh-c-h, the Egyptian name for the Syrian Bedouins.) The clan lived in Hebron at the time of the conquest and was expelled by Caleb (Nu 13:22, Codex Vaticanus Sessei; Codex Alexandrinus Semei; Jos 15:14, Codex Vaticanus Sousei; Codex Alexandrinus Sousai; Jud 1:10, Codex Vaticanus Sessei; Codex Alexandrinus Geththi).