SHEREBIAH (shĕr-ē-bī'a, Heb. sherēvyâh)

One of the chief priests who were brought from Casiphia to join Ezra on his return to Jerusalem, to whom Ezra entrusted treasures for the temple (Ezra.8.18, Ezra.8.24). These men translated the reading of the law into Aramaic for the people (Neh.8.7) and confessed the sins of Israel (Neh.9.4).A covenanter with Nehemiah (Neh.10.12).A Levite who returned with Zerubbabel (Neh.12.8).A chief Levite in the days of Eliashib (Neh.12.24).

2. A Levite, who returned from Babylonian exile in company with Zerubbabel and Jeshua (Neh 12:8). His name is listed in connection with those who were in charge of music, but he may be the same person who accompanied Ezra.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

Horace J. Wolf