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SHEN (shĕn, Heb. ha-shēn, tooth or pointed rock). A sharp rock a short distance west of Jerusalem near which Samuel set up the monument of victory that he called “Ebenezer” (1Sam.7.12).

SHEN. KJV, ASV form of Jeshanah.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A place named only in 1Sa 7:12 to indicate the position of the stone set up by Samuel in connection with the victory over the Philistines, "between Mizpah and Shen." The Septuagint evidently reads yashan, "old." Probably we should here read yeshanah, as in 2Ch 13:19 (OHL, under the word). Then it may be represented by `Ain Sinia, to the North of Beitin.