SHELOMOTH shĭ lō’ mŏth (שְׁלֹמוֹת, H8977, the pl. form of Shelomi (Num 34:27), meaning at peace, complete). Sometimes confused with SHELOMITH (q.v.) esp. in KJV. 1. A Gershomite, one of the sons of Shimei (1 Chron 23:9).

2. An Izarhite (1 Chron 24:22). The name appears as SHELOMITH in 23:18.

3. The son of Zichri, a descendant of Moses through Eliezer. The superintendent in charge of the group responsible for the administration of all dedicated gifts used to maintain the sanctuary (1 Chron 26:25, 26, 28).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

she-lo’-moth, shel’-o-moth, -moth (shelomoth):

(1) An Izharite (1Ch 24:22, Codex Vaticanus and Codex Alexandrinus Salomoth; Lucian, Salomith = "Shelomith" of 1Ch 23:18).

(2) A Levite descended from Eliezer ben Moses (1Ch 26:25, Qere shelomith; 1Ch 26:28).

(3) A Gershonite (1Ch 23:9, Qere Shelomith; Codex Vaticanus Alotheim, Codex Alexandrinus Salomeith).