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SHEDEUR (shĕd'ē-êr, Heb. shedhê’ûr, caster forth of light). A Reubenite, the father of Elizur, prince of Reuben (Num.1.5; Num.2.10; Num.7.30; Num.10.18).

SHEDEUR shĕd’ ĭ ər (שְׁדֵיאֽוּר). The father of Elizur, who was the chief of the Reubenites in the wilderness (Num 1:5; 2:10; 7:30, 35; 10:18).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

shed’-e-ur, she-de’-ur (shedhe’ur, "daybreak"; Codex Vaticanus Sediour, Ediour): The father of Elizur, the chief of Reuben (Nu 1:5; 2:10; 7:30). French Delitzsch correctly conceives the name as an Assyrian compound, sad uri, "daybreak." Cf, however, Gray, HPN, 169, 197, who emends the text to read Shaddai ’Ur, "Shaddai is flame."