Shecaniah, Shechaniah

SHECANIAH, SHECHANIAH (shĕk-ă-nī'a, Heb. shekhanyâh, dweller with the Lord). 1. Head of the tenth of the twenty-four courses of priests in the days of David. The priests had so multiplied that David divided them thus, giving two-thirds of the courses to descendants of Eleazar and one-third to descendants of Ithamar, the sons of Aaron (1Chr.24.11).

2. A priest in the time of Hezekiah. He faithfully assisted in distributing the freewill offerings of the people to the priests (2Chr.31.15).

3. A descendant of David in the time of the Restoration, head of a house (1Chr.3.21-1Chr.3.22).

4. A descendant of Parosh, whose descendant Zechariah returned with Ezra, leading 150 men (Ezra.8.3).

5. A son of Jehaziel (Ezra.8.5). He led back three hundred men.

6. A son of Jehiel. He admitted that some had married foreign women, then proposed a covenant be made and the foreign wives and children be put away (Ezra.10.2-Ezra.10.4).

7. The keeper of the East Gate of Jerusalem in the time of Nehemiah. His son Shemaiah was one who helped repair the wall (Neh.3.29).

8. Son of Arah and father-in-law to Tobiah, the notorious foe of Nehemiah at the time of the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem (Neh.6.18). The fact that he had given his daughter to Tobiah the Ammonite was proof of his unworthiness.

9. One of the chiefs of the priests who returned with Zerubbabel (Neh.12.3).

10. Head of a priestly family in the days of Joiakim (Neh.12.14 niv; Shebaniah jb, kjv, mlb, mof, nasb, neb, rsv).