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SHEBARIM shĕb’ ə rĭm (שְׁבָרִ֔ים, breaches or quarries). A place cited in connection with the retreat of the Israelites from Ai (Josh 7:5). It lay somewhere between Ai and Jericho. ASVmg. suggests “quarries” as an alternate reading on the basis of the root meaning, “break” or “crush.” The location is uncertain.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

sheb’-a-rim, she-ba’-rim (ha-shebharim; sunetripsan): After the repulse of the first attack on their city the men of Ai chased the Israelites "even unto Shebarim" (Jos 7:5). the Revised Version margin reads "the quarries"; so Keil, Steuernagel, etc. Septuagint reads "until they were broken," i.e. until the rout was complete. The direction of the flight was of course from Ai toward Gilgal in the Jordan valley. No trace of such name has yet been found.