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SHEBANIAH (shĕb'a-nī'a, Heb. shevanyâh, meaning uncertain)

One of the seven priests appointed to blow trumpets before the ark of the covenant when it was brought to Jerusalem (1Chr.15.24).One of the Levites who led the people in praising God in Nehemiah’s time and later signed the covenant with him (Neh.9.4-Neh.9.5; Neh.10.10).Another Levite who was among the covenanters (Neh.10.12).A priest who was among the covenanters (Neh.10.4).The head of a family of priests who served in the days of the high priest Joiakim (Neh.12.14 jb, kjv, mlb, nasb, neb, rsv; Shecaniah niv).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

sheb-a-ni’-a, she-ban’-ya (shebhanyah, in 1Ch 15:24, shebhanyahu):

(1) Name of a Levite or a Levitical family that participated in the religious rites that followed the reading of the Law (Ne 9:4). The name is given in Ne 10:10 among those that sealed the covenant.

(2) A priest or Levite who took part in the sealing of the covenant (Ne 10:4; 12:14).

See Shecaniah.

(3) Another Levite who sealed the covenant (Ne 10:12).

(4) A priest in the time of David (1Ch 15:24).