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SHEAR-JASHUB (shē'ar-ja’shŭb, Heb. she’ār yāshûv, a remnant shall return). The symbolic name of Isaiah’s oldest son (Isa.7.3). The symbolism is reflected in the historic return from Babylon and is fulfilled in the spiritual return to the Lord at Messiah’s advent (Isa.1.9; Isa.4.3-Isa.4.4; Isa.10.20-Isa.10.23; Isa.65.8-Isa.65.9; Rom.11.5-Rom.11.6, Rom.11.16-Rom.11.29).

SHEAR-JASHUB shē ər jā’ shəb (שְׁאָ֖ר יָשׁ֣וּב, [only] a remnant shall return [from the captivity]). The symbolic name of Isaiah’s oldest son (Isa 7:3; cf. 8:18). He was present when Isaiah confronted King Ahaz (Isa 7:3) and his name is symbolical of the message which the prophet delivered. Judgment in the form of the Exile was an essential aspect of Isaiah’s message, but there was also the promise of restoration for a purified remnant. The prophet’s doctrine of the remnant apparently was formed in the early period of Isaiah’s ministry, for Shear-jashub was born near the start of his career as indicated by the fact that in c. 735 b.c. he accompanied his father at his meeting with Ahaz. See Remnant.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

or jash’-ub (she’ar yashubh, "a remnant shall return"; Septuagint ho kataleiphtheis Iasoub): The son of Isaiah, who accompanied him when he set out to meet Ahaz (Isa 7:3). The name like that of other children of prophets (compare "Immanuel," "Mahershalal-hash-baz," "Lo-ruhamah," etc.) is symbolic of a message which the prophet wishes to emphasize. Thus Isaiah uses the very words she’ar yashubh to express his oft-repeated statement that a remnant of Israel will return to Yahweh (Isa 10:21).

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