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Shaveh Kiriathaim

SHAVEH KIRIATHAIM (shā'vĕ kĭ'r-ya-thā'ĭm, Heb. shāwēh qiryāthayim, the Plain of Kiriathaim, i.e., “twin cities”). A plain where Kedorlaomer conquered the Emites (Gen.14.5), probably located east of the Dead Sea (cf. Num.32.37).

SHAVEH-KIRIATHAIM shā’ və kĭr’ ĭə thā’ əm (שָׁוֵ֖ה קִרְיָתָֽיִם, plain of Kiriathaim, i.e. “Twin cities”). The place where Chedorlaomer defeated the Emim (Gen 14:5). Apparently it was a plain in the environs of Kiriathaim, a city originally in Reubenite territory, which later came under Moabite control. Kiriathaim was c. six m. from Dibon and is identified by many with the modern el-Qereiyat.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

Here Chedorlaomer is said to have defeated the Emim (Ge 14:5). the Revised Version margin reads "the plain of Kiriathaim." If this rendering is right, we must look for the place in the neighborhood of Kiriathaim of Moab (Jer 48:1, etc.), which is probably represented today by el-Qareiyat, about 7 miles to the North of Dibon.