Shaul, Shaulites

SHAUL, SHAULITES (shā'ŭl, shā'ŭ-līts, Heb. shā’ûl, asked [of the Lord ], shā’ûlî, of Shaul). 1. The sixth in a list of eight kings who ruled over Edom (Gen.36.37-Gen.36.38 [Saul in kjv]; 1Chr.1.48-1Chr.1.49).

2. A son of Simeon (Gen.46.10; Exod.6.15; Num.26.13; 1Chr.4.24). He is called “the son of a Canaanite woman” (Gen.46.10; Exod.6.15). Thus the Shaulites (Num.26.13), who descended from him, were of mixed blood.

3. A descendant of Levi, son of Uzziah (1Chr.6.24). An ancestor of Samuel (1Chr.6.27).