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SHAPHAM (shā'făm, Heb. shāphām). A Gadite who lived in Bashan, second in authority in the time of Jotham (1Chr.5.12).

SHAPHAM shā’ fəm (שָׁפָ֖ם). A Gadite chief living in Bashan who had the second place in command of his tribe (1 Chron 5:12).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

Name of a Gadite chief, who had the second place in command of his tribe (1Ch 5:12). So far as the fragmentary genealogies are intelligible, they seem to indicate that Shapham and his chief, Joel, lived in the time of Saul and shared in the war against the Hagrites (1Ch 5:7-10,18-22), but it is to be noted that these lists were first recorded between the years 750 and 740 BC, just before the eastern tribes were carried into captivity.