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Shammua, Shammuah

SHAMMUA, SHAMMUAH (shă-mū'a, Heb. shammû‘a, heard or renowned). 1. A son of Zaccur. He was sent to spy out the land of Canaan as the representative of the tribe of Reuben (Num.13.4).

2. A son of David by Bathsheba; brother of Solomon (2Sam.5.14, kjv has Shammuah; 1Chr.3.5, kjv has Shimea; 1Chr.14.4).

3. A Levite, father of Abda (or Obadiah) (Neh.11.17; Shemaiah in 1Chr.9.16).

4. The representative of the priestly family of Bilgah (Neh.12.18). He was a priest whose father returned with Zerubbabel (Neh.12.1-Neh.12.7); he officiated in the high priesthood of Joiakim (Neh.12.12).