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SHAMBLES (Gr. makellon, from Lat. macellum, meat market, which latter meaning is followed by rsv and niv). Paul, answering a question of conscience regarding meat sold in the makellon, instructed the Corinthian Christians to eat such meat without further inquiry as to its use in pagan sacrifices. The essential nature of the meat as food had not been affected (cf. 1Tim.4.4); but this liberty was not to endanger a weaker brother’s conscience (1Cor.10.23-1Cor.10.33).

SHAMBLES (μάκελλον, G3425). A word found only in the KJV of 1 Corinthians 10:25, where it refers not to a slaughterhouse, but to a meat market as the RSV has it. It is likely that other foods, such as fish, fruit, and bread, were also sold there.


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International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A slaughter-house; then a butcher’s stall, meat-market. The word is once used in the New Testament in 1Co 10:25.

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