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SHALMAI (shăl'mī, Heb. shalmay in Ezra.2.46; salmay in Neh.7.48, Salmai asv, rsv, Shalmai kjv, niv). The ancestral head of the family of temple servants (Nethinim kjv) that returned with Zerubbabel.

SHALMAI shăl’ mī (שַׁלְמָֽי). A family of Nethinim among the exiles that returned from Babylon (Neh 7:48; ASV SALMAI); called Shamlai in Ezra 2:46 (KJV SHALMAI), 1 Esdras 5:30 (RSV SHAMLAI; KJV, ASV SUBAI).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

shal’-mi, shal’-ma-i: the King James Version form in Ezr 2:46 for "Shamlai"; Ne 7:48 "Salmai" (which see).