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Shallum, Shallun

SHALLUM, SHALLUN (shăl'ŭm, shăl'ŭn, Heb. shallûm, or shallûn, recompense). A name (Shallum) applied to all of the following except the last (Shallun). 1. The youngest son of Naphtali (1Chr.7.13 kjv; niv retains the Shillem of Gen.46.24 and Num.26.48-Num.26.49).

2. The son of Shaul and grandson of Simeon (1Chr.4.25; cf. Gen.46.10; Exod.6.15; Num.26.12-Num.26.13).

3. The son of Sismai and father of Jekamiah (1Chr.2.40-1Chr.2.41).

4. Son of Kore and chief of the gatekeepers (1Chr.9.17, 1Chr.9.19, 1Chr.9.31; Ezra.2.42; Ezra.10.24; Neh.7.45; Meshelemiah in 1Chr.26.1 and Shelemiah in 1Chr.26.14).

5. Son of Zadok and father of Hilkiah (1Chr.6.12-1Chr.6.13); ancestor of Ezra (Ezra.7.1-Ezra.7.2; Meshullam in 1Chr.9.11 and Neh.11.11).

6. A king of Israel who, having murdered Zechariah, reigned in his place for one month; then he himself was killed by Menahem (2Kgs.15.10-2Kgs.15.15).

7. The father of Jehizkiah and an Ephraimite chief (2Chr.28.12).

8. Son of Tikvah and husband of the prophetess Huldah; custodian of the priests’ wardrobe (2Kgs.22.14; 2Chr.34.22; perhaps also Jer.32.7, Jeremiah’s uncle; see No. 10).

9. A king of Judah, son of Josiah (1Chr.3.15; Jer.22.11); better known as Jehoahaz II (2Kgs.23.30-2Kgs.23.31, 2Kgs.23.34; 2Chr.36.1).

10. An uncle of Jeremiah (Jer.32.7; see No. 8).

11. The father of Maaseiah (Jer.35.4; cf. Jer.52.24).

12. One of the Levitical porters who was compelled to divorce his foreign wife (Ezra.10.24).

13. A son of Bani who was compelled to divorce his foreign wife (Ezra.10.42).

14. The son of Hallohesh; a ruler who, with his daughters, helped to build the walls of Jerusalem (Neh.3.12).

15. Shallun, son of Col-Hozeh; ruler of the Mizpah district; a builder of the walls of Jerusalem (Neh.3.15 Shallum rsv).

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