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SHAHAZUMAH, SHAHAZIMAH (shā'ha-zū'ma, shā'ha-zī'ma, Heb. shaḥătsûmâh, toward the heights). A town in Issachar between Tabor and the Jordan (Josh.19.22).

SHAHAZUMAH shā’ ə zōō’ mə (שַׁחֲצוּמָה, H8833; Heb. mg. שַׁחֲצִ֨ימָה; LXX, A Σασιμα; possibly high place(s); KB suggests reading Heb. mg. as dual: sä-ḥä-ṩä'-yĭ-mä, two high places or double hill; KJV SHAHAZIMAH). A site on the northern boundary of Issachar between Mt. Tabor and Beth-shemesh (Josh 19:22). Modern El Kerm is suggested as an identification because of its suitable location on the divide between the watersheds of Issachar and Naphtali.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

sha-ha-zoo’-ma, sha-haz’-oo-ma (shachatsumah; Codex Vaticanus Saleim kata thalassan; Codex Alexandrinus Saseimath; the King James Version Shahazimah, sha-haz’i-mah): A town in the territory of Issachar on the boundary which ran from Tabor to the Jordan (Jos 19:22). The site, which has not yet been recovered, must be sought, probably, to the Southeast of the mountain.