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SHAALIM (shā'lĭm, Heb. sha‘alîm, district of foxes). A region, probably near the northern boundary of Benjamin’s territory, traversed by Saul in search of his father’s donkeys (1Sam.9.4).

SHAALIM shā’ ə lĭm (שַׁעֲלִים, sä-'ä-lēm’, foxes or hollows, LXX Σααλείμ and Σεγαλείμ; KJV SHALIM, shā’ lĭm). An unidentified region in which Saul looked for his father’s donkeys (1 Sam 9:4). Linguistic considerations suggest identification with Shaalbim (q.v.) in Dan, or with the land of Shual (q.v.; 1 Sam 13:17) N of Michmash, but neither of these identifications is certain. Information available indicates only that it was somewhat near the territory of Benjamin.