Seth Molefi Mokitimi

1904-1971. South African Methodist minister. Born near Quthing, Lesotho, he entered the ministry in 1931. He served as chaplain of the educational institution at Healdtown (1936-51) and warden of the institutions at Osborn (1952-61) and Bensonvale (1962-65). In 1941 he became an official member of the Methodist conference and was its first African president in 1964. His balanced leadership and quiet dignity won wide respect. He attended many ecumenical gatherings in South Africa and abroad, was the first African president of the Christian Council of South Africa, and a vice-president of the All-Africa Council of Churches. In a period of growing racial animosity he consistently advocated reconciliation and interracial cooperation. He always remained an effective preacher and a zealous evangelist, and he was a staunch upholder of ministerial standards.