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SERUG (sē'rŭg, Heb. serûgh, meaning uncertain). A descendant of Shem; son of Reu and great-grandfather of Abraham (Gen.11.20, Gen.11.22-Gen.11.23; 1Chr.1.26). In KJV of Luke.3.35 he is called Saruch (niv retains Serug). He is thus in the messianic line. Saurgi, a city of the district of Harran mentioned in Assyrian texts, was probably named after him. He lived 230 years.

SERUG sĭr’ ug (שְׂר֔וּג, serūg; Σερούχ, G4952). Son of Reu, who was descended from Shem. He was the father of Nahor and the great-grandfather of Abraham (Gen 11:20-23; 1 Chron 1:26; Luke 3:35; KJV SARUCH).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

Son of Reu and great-grandfather of Abraham (Ge 11:20 ff; 1Ch 1:26; Lu 3:35).