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Serpent's Stone

SERPENT’s STONE (אֶ֣בֶן הַזֹּחֶ֔לֶת, LXX λίθου του̂ Ζώελεθ, probable meaning, either stone of the crawling thing or the gliding stone); KJV STONE OF ZOHELETH (1 Kings 1:9), also NEB and NASB.

A stone or boulder near En-rogel, a spring near Jerusalem in the valley of Kidron, by which Adonijah offered sacrifices in his abortive attempt to become king (1 Kings 1:9). Hazōḥelet, from the verb זָחַל, H2323, “to glide, to crawl” (cf. Deut 32:24; Mic 7:17), may indicate either the sliding of the rock from the overhanging cliffs to the spring, or that the stone was associated with the cultic emblem of the serpent.


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