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Seripando Girolamo

1493-1563. Archbishop of Salerno. Born at Troja (Apulia) of noble parentage, he lost his parents when very young and at the age of fourteen entered the house of the Augustinian Order at Viterbo. He studied Greek, Hebrew, theology, and philosophy. In 1515 he began to lecture at Siena, moving in 1517 to Bologna to be a full professor. Subsequently he became vicar-general (1532) and then superior-general (1539) of his order. He attended the Council of Trent* during 1546-47 where he showed great concern in the debates to preserve the doctrine of the purity of the text of Scripture and to make known his somewhat unorthodox views on original sin and justification. After acting as legate to Pope Paul III he refused the offer of the bishopric of Aquila. In 1551 he also resigned as superior- general and withdrew for two years to the quietness of a small convent, from where he emerged in 1553 to go on a mission for the city of Naples to Emperor Charles V. This complete, he became archbishop of Salerno. Pius IV made him a cardinal and second legate of the Holy See at the Council of Trent. Upon the death of his colleague, Cardinal Gonzaga, Seripando became president of the council. He was a prolific writer and controversialist. He wrote commentaries on Paul's letters to Galatia and Rome (1569, 1601) and a book on prayer (1670).