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SENIR (sē'nĭr, Heb. senîr). The Amorite name of Mount Hermon (Deut.3.9; Song.4.8), a source of fir timber (Ezek.27.5). Twice spelled Shenir in KJV.

SENIR sē’ nər (שְׂנִֽיר, meaning unknown; Song of Solomon SHENIR in Deut 3:9; Song of Solomon 4:8 in KJV; Akkad. SANIRU; Arab. sanīrun). The Amorite name for Mt. Hermon (q.v.; Deut 3:9). At times the name has been used for larger portions of the Anti-Lebanon range (as perhaps in Ezek 27:5). However, Heb. usage also distinguished between Mt. Hermon and Senir (Song of Solomon 4:8); and between those and Baal-Hermon as well (1 Chron 5:23). It is tempting to suppose that individual peaks of the three peaks of Mt. Hermon are referred to in the latter usage.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

This was the Amorite name of Mt. Hermon, according to De 3:9 (the King James Version "Shenir").’ But in 1Ch 5:23; So 4:8, we have Senir and Hermon named as distinct mountains. It seems probable, however, that Senir applied to a definite part of the Anti-Lebanon or Hermon range. An inscription of Shalmaneser tells us that Hazael, king of Damascus, fortified Mt. Senir over against Mt. Lebanon. So in Eze 27:5, Senir, whence the Tyrians got planks of fir trees, is set over against Lebanon, where cedars were obtained. The Arab geographers give the name Jebel Sanir to the part of the Anti-Lebanon range which lies between Damascus and Homs (Yakut, circa 1225 AD, quoted by Guy le Strange in Palestine under the Moslems, 79. He also quotes Mas`udi, 943 AD, to the effect that Baalbek is in the district of Senir, 295).

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