SCRIP. An archaic word used in the KJV referring to a small bag, esp. one carried by a pilgrim, a shepherd, or a beggar. It is used for the receptacle in which David carried the stones for his sling (1 Sam 17:40 KJV). In Matthew 10:10 and parallel passages it refers to the traveling bags which Jesus forbade His disciples to carry. The RSV uses WALLET in the OT passage, and BAG in the NT passage.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

skrip: A word connected with "scrap," and meaning a "bag," either as made from a "scrap" (of skin) or as holding "scraps" (of food, etc.). the King James Version has "scrip" in 1Sa 17:40 and 6 times in New Testament; the English Revised Version has "wallet" in the New Testament, but retains "script" in 1Sa 17:40; the American Standard Revised Version has "wallet" throughout.

See Bag.

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